Irakast #5, DoD Arabic lesson to Drum&Bass brought to you by guest host Gollum

Liminal Radio Presents: Irakast #5, Guest host Gollum brings it on your ear drums with part II of the DoD Arabic lesson. Once again, Shlonkom Bakazay here, offering you more cultural education than the US Army gives its recruits before sending them to Ramadi.

So, yes, you're a lucky of the proud few able to experience the medicinal musical masterpiece and urbane educational onslaught that continues the Department of Defense Series for Infidels (DoDSI). I have produced and curated this 8 minute presentation guest hosted by Gollum with the hopes that it will stir in its audience the movement toward peace and destruction of cultural barriers standing in the way of building bridges that will not bombed by impatient Iraqis sick of being occupied because these bridges shall be semantical and conceptual bridges of lustful musical entreaties of submission enducing words and notes. I had no idea Gollum likes Drum&Bass, much less that he's an aspiring wiki-wiki wheels-of-steel biatch. Golly, what a guy. He's got spunk, he's got verve, he's got the same can-do attittude of the little engine that could only if he had electricity and other essential services.

It's a mockery, a mockeracy

Anyway, the Arabic lesson is directly from some vinyl I found made in 1960 by the US Department of Defense. The music by Gollum kickin' crazy stylez with a 505. We dedicate this one to the children because they're are future. And if a few of them don't learn Arabic, we're in deeper shit than the already up-to-our-necks deal we've got now. Mr. Ereli at the State Department simply is not enough Arabic coming out of the US government. I don't think Karen Hughes will be learning any Arabic any time soon either. And I think there's more Arabic recorded on these two records than has been spoken publicly by American officials on Arabic TV stations in the past four years combined. A couple words of advice: when you plan on taking over a large swathe of land in a region whose major language you speak little of...well, on a public relations level, expect poor image in the eyes of this region's citizens as you also try to make their people like being tortured, starved, and treated as subaltern beings. So see this audio as compulsory or perhaps a penitant action after ripping babies bodies apart with precision weapons for the sake of forcing democracy in Iraq. I'm trying to appeal to my base, can't you see? And if you don't like Gollum's music, then you'll have to complain and beg for a different version. So, join in the fun. Let's make everything worth it. Let's ensure the safety of America by turning this mockery into a mockeracy that could then perhaps turn into a hypocrisy (like America) and aspire towards real democracy one day.

Peace to all y'all real habbibbis.

Irakast 4, Liminal Radio Presents Gollum making the Department of Defense his bitch

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