Bin Laden is from Saudi Arabia. Did you know that?

15 of the 19 hijackers of the 911 tragedy were Saudis, too. None were Iraqis. That's right. Zero, zilch were from Iraq. Did you know that?

Yet Saudi Arabia is a "close ally" of America. And while America wipes Saudi "royal" ass, it continues to churn out radical Islamic fundamentalists like no other country...even Iraq. Mr. Boosh's peoples are fascinated with Iraq so much that they continue spending billions of dollars destroying and rebuilding it at the same time as rebels continue to reek havoc making the jobs of Iraqis more and more difficult. This administration has had a catastrophic success in making Iraq into a fundie-jihadi magnet. And many Americans continue to believe Saudi Arabia is just one of our few "close allies" in the region like Hosni "Big Haz" Mobarak and Ariel "Reformed Violent Transmitter" Sharon.

Recently, Mr. Boosh had a renewed interest in Bin Laden. It even suprised Porter Goss, former self-proclaimed under-qualified Republican 'yes man' chair of the House Intelligence Cmt., the new head of the CIA. Well, I want the bastard--Osama that is--more than Bush or the VP Prince al-Idealogue bin Darkness does. I remember long ago when Mr. Boosh said that he didn't really think of Bin Laden any more. And many people still wonder about his dedication to address the Saudi question. Namely, of it being a country where something like 60-70 percent of the population is under 25. Did I mention that the economy there is shite and many of those young people don't have jobs? 2+2 equals Death and Destruction. Yet America will continue wiping Saudi "royal" ass and promoting the neocon-fantastical view of Middle Eastern relations. I argue Saudi Arabia was more of a threat than Iraq and the bastard Saddam before the most recent Iraq war and, sure enough, if we were not propping up some puppets there it would probably be run by Al Qaeda sympathizers today. Anyway, it's even more of a threat today and the occupation in Iraq is only adding seasoned jihadi war-veterans to the list of threats to face in the coming century. But we'll destroy Iraq to save it, won't we?

Now, Josef Joffe recently wrote an article for Foreign Policy that caused a lot of controversy: "A World Without Israel". I'm going to blog the latest edition of FP tonight I hope, which includes several reactions to Joffe's piece. (I'll add all the links later...maybe you know me by now.) Anyhow, I've become keenly interested in Saudi blogs. Just listen to what I have to say about one Saudi blogger that has stopped blogging and I'll fix up this post later.

One question: Does Israel contain more problems than it created/creates? Joffe argues exactly this in his article. It's an interesting piece and a fascinating slant, but I am not so sure. Anyway, I'll get to that later.

Now here's what Religious Police had to say about some "good news" in Saudi Arabia:

You may remember that on Saturday, our Muslim Affairs Minister, whose name escapes me for the moment but is really not worth remembering, announced that "the Saudi government ........have destroyed half of the terrorist force". Well, it gets even better. Prince Turki has now announced that "five out of six" terrorist cells have now been destroyed. That's an increase of 33.33% in just two days! Or 16.66% a day! On that basis, they'll all be destroyed by tomorrow (Tuesday)! Now isn't that Good News!

Don't believe me? Oh you miserable cynics. Have a look at this 5-minute BBC clip.

There! You heard him, didn't you? Very polished, wasn't it? Just a shame about the intense blinking when he's answered an awkward question. It looks like a very acute facial tic. It's a shame that when he did the course on "Broadcast Interview Technique for Leaders of Corrupt Arab States", he didn't do the optional module on "Controlling Body Language and Avoiding Involuntary Facial Movements that give away those little Porkie Pies". Obviously the reference to Pork put him off.

So that was the Good News. Now here's the Bad News. The Bad News is that the Good News is complete and utter Crap. The other Bad News is that Arabs don't like to give people Bad News, so we give them Good News instead, even if we lie about the Bad News. That way, everyone's happy....until they discover that the Good News is Bad News after all, then it's Bad News all round.

I hope that's clear for everyone.

What is clear to me is that even in the government, they haven't a clue about what they are fighting. They don't know the size of the external forces, and they don't know how much their own security forces have been penetrated. Apparently the US has offered to help. Well, with all due respect to our US allies, I don't think that Mr "Slam Dunk" and his CIA, fresh from their "WMD in Iraq" triumph, are going to be much help to us. To revert to my normal pessimistic gloom, I think we're up the creek without the proverbial paddle.

#1, I wonder whether the man or woman who wrote the above is still alive. #2, Is Mr. Boosh scared to "liberate" Saudi Arabia? I think it's a combination of being scared and having certain loyalties to the puppets in Saudi Arabia. What a schizoid state to be in, wouldn't you agree?

Whatever will we do with the Saudis?

More Saudi blogger action in the future...

Peace out,


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