I'm lost. Do you have a road map?

BBC reports: US will accept Israeli settlements.There will never be peace now. Well, the odds just got slimmer in the very least.

On the left is what should be a Palestinian state. On the right was the so-called generous Camp David (July 2000) agreement. If you don't recall, this is when Ehud Barak agreed to keep 20% of the illegally-occupied West Bank. Does that seem fair? I wonder what the map will look like after the main "populatoin-centers" are sliced out.

In other BS: After stalling for over 5 weeks and having no choice in the matter whatsoever, the Lebanese government have agreed to c-ooperate with an international investigation.

Yeah, they're essentially saying, "Min Zubitt'ak...don't you worry about a thing, we'll have that international investigation. But we insist it cannot be independent. We must be involved."


Sorry, when the judge who was presiding over the UN inquiry resigned moments before the report was to be handed over, the Lebanese government/intelligence, thus Syria, smacks of guilt. They have implicated themselves in the crime through this last month. So, what now?

Again, I ask...When are the heads of Lebanese intelligence going to resign?

Check out what the report said:

"The Lebanese investigation process suffers from serious flaws and has neither the capacity nor the commitment to reach a satisfactory and credible conclusion.

"To find the truth it would be necessary to entrust the investigation to an international independent commission."

The report added that Lebanon's security services were unlikely to conduct an adequate inquiry under its current leadership.

No kidding. Why would they ever come to that conclusion?

Too little, too late.

What's going to happen now?


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