Why Iraq could get more Iranian

[T]he final and most important amendment, setting up a Parliamentary committee to suggest a one-time set of changes or amendments to the Constitution after the elections in December, will likely not bring any of the changes to the Constitution Sunnis are demanding. Even if every eligible Sunni voter had voted on Saturday and in the parliamentary elections scheduled for December, they will remain too small a minority to change the Constitution in a manner that would shift significant resources, revenues or political power away from Kurds and Shiites and to their communities.
Mark LeVine re-states what I think quite clearly. So, we've given the puppets a chance to fashion Iraq into more of an Islamic state than it already is becoming with the Iranian Iraqis at the helm.

There's so much more to this, but I can't take it anymore. I'm beat.

The Nineveh vote was rigged.

I'd like somebody to prove to me otherwise.

IIP is not popular in Mosul. It has a mere fraction of support from people. So, please...

American law outside of America and inside of Iraq (i.e., occupation law) is shoot to kill, torture aimlessly, and guilty until proven innocent if you're brown and beautiful. So I'm not surprised we are staring in the face of implausible results in Nineveh which will only increase the levels of violence...as the neocon lunatics would prefer! They don't want Iraq to get better, even now. Yes, I argue yet again they don't mind if things get worse. And now you have the exact result that will allow for the situation to deteriorate. I'm not going to sit here and pretend even in the slightest bit anymore because, for instance, I'm worried about affecting the mind-state of those of my family and friends inside Iraq. How much more depressing can things possibly get? Sure, it's important to be hopeful and compassionate about matters, but we need to prepare ourselves. Put the support systems in place. Things are going to get much much worse now before it gets any better. I hope I'm wrong, though.

Bringing democracy to Iraq via an occupation and a corrupt puppet oligarchy switching ballot boxes!

Just one question: If the vote is indeed rigged...what did the fools who rigged it think they could gain from doing so? Lets think about that for a minute and discuss later.

Rove, the constitutional referendum, Kanaan & Lebnaan, and natural disasters

Hey, how's it going? I've been in patchy internetting this past month because of my drive frying and lack of an internet connection for a few weeks. Now everything seems to be working, but I have about 6 hours of studying a day...outside of class. The mild suffering pays dividends, though. I only managed to blog when at a friend's place. I noticed I'm not as addicted to it as before, but as you know the itch comes in waves.

I fixed my television...perhaps I should have left it broken. For some time I had no TV and no internet. What a peaceful and unrealistic existence. The news, as usual, makes me more and more angry and depressed. The whole hulaballoo surrounding the constitution is sickening. Those in my family outside Iraq and I were not allowed to voice our opinion concerning it. We were not allowed to vote because the 4-5 million Iraqis living outside of Iraq would have decidedly voted against the constitution. They know this, so they deliberately prevented Iraqis outside from voting.

Moving on to more slimy creatures...

Karl Rove is being grinded for the 4th time in court. It was a 4 hour session. This indicates something's afoot. Libby hasn't been called back, so...perhaps he's in better shape than Herr Karl. It will be interesting to see if the law works in America when the dust settles on this very serious matter. Iiiiiiiit's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in jail for Mr. Rove. (UPDATE: Libby is hardly out of hot water. )

Lebanon gears up for the release of the Hariri report as the criminal, Ghazi Kanaan, (supposedly) ends his life. The political drama continues... And I cannot wait to read the report. I'll be sure to have links to it as soon as it goes up. Be sure to check out our new look at Lebanese Blogger Forum!

Hurricaines & earthquakes...God must be angry. Here's conspiracy theory for you religious wing nuts. The Almighty strikes Kashmir because Bin Laden is hiding there. And Lord hits America because...well, lets just say it was a decision based on an aggregate of sins.

Do you ever wonder what God's axis of evil would be?

For some odd reason, I think it would be different than Shrub's.

Fixate on this you creeps

First off, it's not that I'm particularly fixated upon letters and whatever other bullshit comes out of these invisible (and perhaps non-existant) pricks. But I must say that this is especially interesting. I've always thought that America or whomever else would have an almost impossible time fabricating things Iraqi. And here's an example having nothing to do with real Iraqis (Zawahiri is egyptian and zarqawi is jordanian), which illustrates the real possibility of this simply being an American black-ops project. Professor Cole calls it out, and I second the motion. In fact, this is more obvious than figuring out where shit blows when directed into a fan. Follow the smell morons. And stop shitting in the fan. OF COURSE IT'S UNCLE SAM PSY-OPs or Iran Dr. Cole! And yes, it could also perhaps be a Shia group trying to manipulate America! OOOOOOO ooooo, that's such the surprising possibility! But I'm afraid as long as the corporate media (that banks on the "war on terror") picks this fan-shitting up, it doesn't matter what is fact or fiction.

Take your freakin pick. It doesn't matter to Iraqis suffering on a daily basis. If America thinks it is the ultimate manipulator, and continues to think it can play God in Iraq...wait, just wait until it steps into this new reality. In fact, the west and America is in sincere danger of tanking morally and economically (in fact it's been over for some time if you listened to Wallerstein) while completely illegitimizing itself in the Arab world. No, nevermind that sort of talk. It's already done. If it weren't for Hollywood, there would perhaps not be the generally widespread notion of American perception in the East. And you know how much I adore the box office.

My gut tells me that the letter is a forgery. Most likely it is a black psy-ops operation of the US. But it could also come from Iran, since the mistakes are those a Shiite might make when pretending to be a Sunni. Or it could come from an Iraqi Shiite group attempting to manipulate the United States. Hmmm.

Colby Buzzell : My War

Colby's book is out. I recommend to go buy and read it.

Here's Vonnegut's take on the book.

"My War by Colby Buzzell is nothing less than the soul of an extremely interesting human being at war on our behalf in Iraq."

How cool is that? Imagine Kurt Vonnegut complimenting your writing. Respect yo.

The constitution is a pile of BS

But thank you's should go out to American & UK bombs and soldiers for helping bring Iraqis closer to the mindlessness of an Islamic republic.

We couldn't have dreamed of getting closer to such a unenviable destiny as quickly as you have allowed us to wisp away (AND BE BLOWN to bits) into the nightmare of it all.

So, again, thank you for your dedication in helping incinerate parts of our collective memory and history like the Baghdad Library. Oh, but there were WMD in those ancient books you thought! You asked, "where would I hide myself if I were the WMD?" And of course, your answer was, "the oldest library on earth! That's the last place anybody would look, so lets just destroy it!" So, yes, thank you thank you...Without such acts of complete stupidity, we could not articulate our disgust with such force.

You want the oil under our sand.
You don't want Iraqis to be free.
You think you can take our land.
But what you don't know is more than what you don't see.

If I could find some fresh dung to fertilize my orchard I would use it. In lieu of such an effective form of vitamin enrichment of my soil, I shall use my Iraqi constitution.

First I will defecate on my copy to speed up the fertilizing process. Because we all know the process of Iraqi "democracy" takes a long, long, long time and involves lots and lots of Iraqis being killed by American assaults and a bunch of retards with suicide bombs.