Sunday Cyborg Blogging

This is a dedication to Kevin Drum and the everlasting beauty of meme-hood:

All the world's problems...America might invade Iran, North Korea is still building nuclear bombs, the UN and the World Bank is getting ready to implode, AIDS is rampant, we're merrily running a 427 billion dollar budget deficit (that doesn't include expenses in Iraq) and close to 8 trillion dollars in national debt, unemployment continues to creep upward, and through it all we're still being led by a man who seems unable to string two coherent sentences together. It's enough to just make you scream and scream and scream and...

But then I turn around and look through the doorway. She sure doesn't seem to care, does she? It's 68 degrees inside, she doesn't need food, no evangelical Christians around to deny her right to exist, and no trips to the scrap-yard are planned. So what's to worry about? Not to mention, she probably doesn't give a rat's ass about what you think or how soon humans will destroy the earth.

Also, cyborgs are always in some way artificially "living".

See Kevin's orginal post that I scammed this from here. Note: In case you were wondering, Kevin Drum is the first person to use "Cat-Blogging".

Shlonkom Bakazay, embracing the future one cyborg at a time.

Signing off for the day,



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