Introducing Liminal Radio: An Irakast Production

All right, just because I'm not blogging doesn't mean I can't come up with some new ideas to educate you.

Why does your podkast still suck?

I must preface this all by saying a couple things. First, I need a new mic. My current mic was given to me, so of course it's a piece of shit. So, excuse the mic problems. Second, this is a trial run with my new set-up. I may re-do it. The music I made via my 505 is BS, but at least it lets you tap your foot.

What's in this crap podkast?

In the following podkast I give you some songs off my family's old record collection. The record featured is from Lebanon in the mid-sixties, called "Village Wedding". It's so old that the cover is in black and white. My mom brought this all the way from Lebanon. It's not one of those stupid scammed buys from a used record store...been in my family for at least 40 years. And it's got that old typewriter font. Sweeeet. The other record is from 1960. It's called "Arabic: Language Familiarization Course". The cover includes "Prepared by Educational Services for The Department of Defense." Well, at least they were trying in 1960. I'd say we should re-issue the "Records not Bombs" policy. So this, on the other hand, is a particularly peculiar piece of vinyl I procured from a used shop a while ago. Seeing as it's public property, I want to offer it as a lesson to you language-dumb infidels. Anuh'mah'nah PEE AH!

Stop BS'ing me and give me the run-down on this podkast you whining asshole:

Ok, fine.

In summary, this podkast is the hipster way you can learn a few words of Arabic. You're occupying my country, so you might as well learn something.

If there is ever a demand for my crap, I will offer it in OGG. This will cut the file size in half. For now, I'm doing this for the spoiled western world and Japan/South Korea ;) ...and the lucky few in the Near-east with broadband or the time/patience.


Irakast 3, Liminal Radio is Born Unto This Dispicable Earth

Show: 3.0
Length: 17:14
Format: mp3
Bit rate: 128 kbs

Size: 19.7 mb


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