They don't care.

What complete fffin idiot uses a thousand year old minaret as a lookout position? Do you know how stupid that is? Are you kidding me? And what? You think the fact that "insurgents did it" means jack shit to Iraqis. You'll only get increased ire from the resistance by doing such a retarded thing. I mean, why did this happen? Why were there American forces in the minaret? Isn't something like this illegal? WTF

I'm so angry. You bastards. Rage rage rage rage rage

You inspire rage only. And it is not fair to erase or maim the history of another country. You assholes. You're only making things worse. You idiots. Babylon now this? You FREAKS! Freaks of nature! You walking abortions. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR. You destroy the oldest library in world! You have fun using Babylon as your battlefield! You do this too.

Well, look at it. Because the top part will never look the same. It took over a thousand years. You know something's wrong today. Do you know how proud Iraqis are of their history? It's like you're killing their mother.

Wake up assholes. You're getting nowhere. When something like this happens, I feel so Iraqi...I feel Iraqi like how the hulk transforms. This place was built in 852 AD. That means it's over almost 1,000 years older than America. But who gives a shit? I mean, it's just some building to use for lookouts.

Is this the price Iraq has to pay? Starving children, torturing and possibly raping prisoners, erasing history, bringing democracy in a jiffy. I could be wrong, but I could be right...this is a tragedy of insane proportions. I'm certainly close.

I feel like I'm going to implode. What part of Iraq's history is next?


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