Kaslik bombing kills two, injures three

This was posted on Lebanese Blogger Forum. Whenever I feel it's important crosspost, I will. Reminds me of my disturbed Agora days. Anyway, this was a terrible tragedy. Please read the post. I wish I could bring the comments over from LBF, too. I urge you to click the above link if you'd like to view the comments.

Update: This tragedy has taken the lives of one Indian and one Pakistani while injuring two Sri Lankans and one Lebanese. Yet another investigation needs to be launched, yet another truth must be found. Because all human life is precious. In the meantime, denouncing any form of violence on any person of any relgion and/or nationality inside Lebanon is in the best interest of Lebanon.

Photo by Damir Sagolj/Reuters

Al Jazeera interviewed some people saying two Indian workers were killed from what appears to have been a 70 KG bomb. The amount of deaths and injuries are not confirmed yet. The numbers I've heard range from 2-4 killed and 8-11 injured. It happened in a predominantly Christian neighborhood Kaslik in the port town of Jounieh at 130am. I know the place well. This is the second Christian neighborhood that has been bombed in the past week. It doesn't bode well for Lebanon just as Kofi Annan says he's secured an agreement from Assad to pull his troops and intelligence services from Lebanon after a timetable is given by early April.

I'm much more upset than I appear. I'm trying to keep a lid on it for now. I hope the truth comes out. Because this is no way to live. We cannot, I repeat, we cannot let the old divisions rise again. As soon as it becomes a tit for tat circumstance, we have all lost. I call for calm. I call for peace. For the sake of Lebanon...


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