An open letter to Iraq the Model

Dear Mohammed and Omar,

I hope you are keeping well and safe. I'd like to reach out now because I have many fears about the future for Iraq.

These are my personal opinions. I hope you will listen and not take it personally. I know many people think similarly. And so I want to help foster some debate, any debate, in the multiple vacuums that comprise the Iraqi blogosphere at the moment. Things are getting less interesting because of this exact lack of the interaction of differing opinions. And an alarm is going off in my mind, so I think now's the appropriate time to voice this concern in the spirit of debate.

275 thieves are dividing the booty as I type these words.

If this weren't the case, then why is it that there is no government yet?

If this weren't the case, why won't a technocrat that has no political affiliation be appointed to head the oil ministry?

I would support the Kurds completely if I felt like they were speaking for all of Iraq. Unfortunately, I feel they are concerned only for the independence and secular outcome in Kurdistan/N. Iraq. This is what I call the rise of deep sectarianism similar to what we had in Lebanon during the civil war.

Iraq is shaping up to be exactly as Lebanon was during that time and it breaks my heart.

Meanwhile, I cannot comprehend how you continue to say certain things you do here while blocking the other opinion completely. I would urge you to link blogs that have the opposing opinion if we want to address the possible rise of sectarianism in Iraq. I will, if you will.

Also, I am trying to get a similar forum, like the Lebanese Blogger Forum, together so that people of many different opinions may interact in a civil and measured manner.

On that note: Thank you for linking LBF. I hope this is a step in that direction.

Peace inside and out,



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