Duke Wen, 13th Year (614 B.C.E.)

Duke Wen of Zhu divined by the turtle shell to determine if he should move his capital to the city of Yi. The historian who conducted the divination replied, "The move will benifit the people but not their ruler."

The ruler of Zhu said, "If it benifits the people, it benifits me. Heavan gave birth to the people and set up a ruler in order to benifit them. If the people enjoy the benifit, I am bound to share in it."

Those around the ruler said, "If by taking warning from the divination you can prolong your destiny, why not do so?"

The ruler replied, "My destiny lies in nourishing the people. Whether death comes to me early or late is merely a matter of time. If the people will benifit thereby, then nothing could be more auspicious than to move the capital."

In the end he moved the capital to Yi. In the fifth month Duke Wen of Zhu died.

The noble person remarks: He understood the meaning of destiny.

-Between mindless distractions like steroids and Schiavo, divisiveness of racists and -power-mongers living amongst us, knowing destruction of the physical and mental -environment we live in for short-term gain, and the constant meddling of religion in politics, -you'd think leaders today didn't know the difference between what's important and what's -wasteful. I'm sure of one thing more than anything today. Real heros, leaders, and role models -are neither those xtra large imaginary people in the news nor are they the politicians made -more famous by blunders than successes. Real leaders are those usually at home reading to -they're children, sending an email or making a phone-call of encouragement and care, and -doing little more than truly loving their neighbor. Those who are selfish in their actions -and/or regards of others will enjoy nothing but my contempt.

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