Lebanese Opposition Represent!

1 million or more...The images are mind-boggling.

Very interesting checking out satellite TV today...

I'm hearing all these Lahud puppet government officials come on the Lebanese political shows and speak so kindly of democracy. It's silly when puppets try to act as if they're controlling their strings.

And, ok, I really appreciate Al Jazeera...but I got to call them out on being disingenious today. When the pro-Syria Hizb'allah organized protest happened all you heard was half a million on their station (on the ticker and in the mouths of reporters) and their website. Half a million, half a million, half a million...over and over...

Now when twice that number or more show up to protest against the standing puppets, you have a headline on their website that says "Thousands rally against Syria in Beirut". This is exactly what American news outfits were doing when they were reporting numbers about the protesets against the last Iraq war. The same thing was on the station's news ticker just now too. Seriously people...

And this protest obviously had more diversity and represented more faiths and political parties inside Lebanon than the Hizb'allah organized protest.

There is still reason to be scared that the same sectarian strife will hit Lebanon. This protest by no means makes everything better. But it is a healthy act that was not organized by one party. And it is more representative of Lebanese opinion.

I'll leave you with some questions...I'm sorry because I'm really busy, but I hope to have more later.

Isn't Syrian guilt complicit if they do not allow an international investigation to solve the perpetrator of the 14 February bombing?

And, when will they dismiss the heads of seven Lebanese intelligence organizations?

What is not being said or done tells one more about the situation than what is...

Who knows what will happen next. But the same corrupt government is still in office. And it makes me sick to my stomach.

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