Irakast #1: Flippin' Through Foreign Policy

So I've done my first real Irakast for your listening pleasure! Exciting! I have to warn you, it's a bit raw. I was like, screw it...I'm just gonna do it. The links below were not all discussed. But I hope to address the articles I left out in the next irakast. I promise to actually put a bit of thought into it next time (and make a smaller file). Although I get the drift that not really having a plan could be fun. As long as you like my intro then we're cool.

Irakast 1, From Chinese Reggae to Flipping through FP

Show: 1.0
Length: 17:36
Format: mp3
Bit rate: 128 kbs

Size: 16.5 mb

Here are the links for the "show" :

Peace out,

L to Da L

UPDATE: If you listen to .ogg vorbis format here's a 7MB version of the Irakast. I'll add it to the feed as well.


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