Tomorrow is the second anniversary of your illegal invasion of Iraq Mr. President

I will celebrate this by mourning the unnecessary deaths of the sons and daughters of both America and Iraq. I will celebrate by mourning the unecessary humiliation caused by Abu Ghraib and other system problems that have yet to have any person to hold account for. I mourn the overall lack of accountability in such matters and the lack of respect for the world you continue to show by appointing such anathemas of internationalism to two important positions, John Bolton and Paul Wolfowitz. I mourn the policies that continue to destroy my people. And I mourn your wishes to hijack Lebanese freedom to meet your own ends. I mourn the fact that Donald Rumsfeld is not in jail yet. He deserves much worse than being held up as a great protector of the nation. Similarly, Dick Cheney needs to be held to account for his continued lies about the connections between Iraq and Al Qaeda. If you could say there is a walking self-fulfilling prophecy in your administration it would be him. It appears as though Cheney's sick-waking dream was to make sure there was a connection between Iraq and Al Qaeda, when there clearly was not. Cheney has operated as Al Qaeda's PR man in Iraq, in effect. So, today I mourn the incompetence that you people continue to carry yourselves with while you have no regard for human rights when appointing the fool for torture, Alberto Gonzales. You seem to only want make the Arab world angier and angier. So, if this is your goal, you're acheiving it magnificently. One more thing: Leave Lebanon alone. You've caused enough problems elsewhere. Do not think you are the reason Lebanese are wanting to be rid of Syria. Because you're not. So, get out of Iraq Mr. Bush. And Syria, get out of Lebanon. Do not use violence to justify your stay. I knew it would come to this. I said on 14 February. So my advice to you Mr. President and you Mr. Al'Assad or J.Sayyid or Rostum... Don't play with fire or you will burn. Somebody must be held accountable for the atrocities you continue to committ in order to secure privatization of Iraq's Oil and for political points in the Near East. And somebody must be held to account for murdering 18 people in Lebanon on 14 February. There must be an international investigation if we hope Lebanon to regain its calm. TO BOTH OF YOU: You should heed the people's wishes before you try and selfishly heed your own. We're sick of all the war, all the violence.

I have much more to say about what I mourn on this anniversary of your illegal war. But right now I mourn your short-sightedness most of all. Your lack of vision is alarming and is destroying the world.

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