Irakast #2: Dedicated to Italy and Silvio Berlusconi...maybe

Looks more and more like Italy is staying in Iraq. At least Iraq won't be all McDonald's and Burger Kings...I love Italian food. And maybe Silvio will be kicked out of power or forced to sell a television station or two. Look on the sunny side. I'm not in denial like some Iraqi bloggers, I swear. The cultural-exchange program is going well.

Dedicated to Italia and Silvio Berlusconi!

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Length: approx. 20 min
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I should say, perhaps only Neopolitans will understand me completely. Sorry, my second podcast is an amateur affair. But I spent 5 minutes planning for it this time! So, love me two times.

Warning: Only download Irakast #2 if you want to hear me whisper sweet Machiavelli into your ears and some other cracked-out, yet meaningful things. Right now the podcasting is meant to entertain me more than you. I find myself laughing hysterically both when I try to do them and when I listen to them. So, something's gotta be right about it. Soon, however, I will do something more professional. So enjoy this while it lasts! ;)

Grazie! Che bell' Italia!

They'll try to tell you that the incident involving Sgrena and Calipari had nothing to do with the decision. But they'll be lying through their insidiously pearl-like whites.

All a day's work in diplomacy!

UPDATE: Or they'll "waver" and lose power in regional elections. Now the time-table appears to have been scrapped. Too bad for Italy and Silvio. Why the fake out?

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