2 reasons to love Lebanon: THE WOMEN and THE WOMEN, of course!

#1: My Mother's from Beirut! Here's a picture of her min zamaan in Egypt. This is a pictoral respresentation of Lebanese female attitude, full throttle. For those of you livin' in the west...if you want to understand a different kind of feminism, try to understand Lebanese women if you dare. My grandmother is a proto-feminist. And my mother is version 2.o!

#2, because Lebanese women are fascinating to look at and you better listen to them or they'll kick your ass! It's never boring with Lebanese women, to say the very least. And so, here's another reason to love Lebanon...she lives there.

Okay guys, stop drooling. So, this is a tribute to all the women of Lebanon. You're hot...real real hot. But I love you for much more than that!

2 reasons to love Iraq is the next tribute to women I will have up soon enough. Beware: They're extremely hot, too. My oh my!




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