The Lebanese "Book'rah" Disease

Lebanon is a Mediterranean society on Mediterranean time. There's a slower pace to life, even in Beirut...excluding the wonderful driving conditions. I love driving in Lebanon, and in Beirut especially. It's like a video game. Or like being a horse...How could I possibly describe it better?

Anyway, everything else in Lebanon seems to go much slower. And yes, people (including myself) are prone to ignore getting certain things done because of the impeccable weather and reasons such as the previous post. I call it the "Book'rah" disease. It's easy to get distracted. But I suggest President Emile Lahoud and others in the standing parliament not get distracted to what they are facing like this article suggests. "Pro-Syrian sections in Lebanon have called for the formation of a government of national unity, ignoring a list of tough conditions set by the opposition for the future of the country." They seem to be saying "book'rah" (meaning "tomorrow" in Arabic) to the Cedars Revolution. And that's just not good enough for the Lebanese.

They better not ignore the fact that the previous government has resigned and there are demands to be met. Personally, I wish Lahoud would step down as well. He's finished in Lebanon as far as I'm concerned. But let's see. I want the Lebanese people to make him their puppet if he does stay. Let's see. Let's see...But don't ignore the opposition. You'd be poorly advised to do so.


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