Ramadi Madness not nearly as realistic as Abu Ghraib INSANITY!

The new release by the US Army Box Office's Iraq division, Ramadi Madness, doesn't hold a candle to the heart-thumping realism in the formerly successful Abu Ghraib INSANITY! Due to the film's lack of success in the Iraqi market, Ramadi Madness is coming to theatres in America with less of an expected impact on the US viewer. Here are some exclusive previews of the film, via the Palm Beach Post, which is expected to debut next week in a few selected theatres. It will reach most audiences by March 21st.
Ramadi Madness
Watch excerpts of a local National Guard video shot in Iraq and investigated by the Army. Investigators determined there was no abuse.

Warning : This footage contains graphic themes and images. Audio has been edited to remove obscenities.

Truck incident
Super special skill
Have you seen Haj
Newman & his Toy
Haji cat
Mayor's cell
See Haj run
Crafty little
Blood clot
Asa Lama Lakim
Another day

NOTE: Gruesome footage of the aftermath of a suicide bombing has been omitted. Audio has been edited to remove obscenities.

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