Irakast #4, The Department of Defense Arabic Lesson, Part One: Liminal Radio Presents

I will be offering 5 minute podcasts of a 1960 Department of Defense (American) issued Arabic lessons in the coming days. They will be set to music I make on the fly. The last Irakast was definitely off, but I hope you enjoyed the old Lebanese record. Part one just includes the lesson with some more hearty and interesting beats and a fresher introduction.

There's no doubt it will take some time to the podkast running smoothly.

I spent a better part of the evening getting a really nice 15 minute package set to the best music I've done in some time. Being really exhausted I accidentally pulled the plug while it was saving so I lost the whole damn thing. I almost blew a gasket. (is "gasket" right?) I was very angry, but would not rest until I could bring you this 5 minute piece in raw form. Perhaps the simplicity of it works better than my super-edited version I carelessly lost and wasted my time on earlier. An=yway, I am thinking 5 minute clips will be more pleasing to me and more of a gimmick to get you to come back to my blog. Good for you, good for me.

So this is all me and the Department of Defense. Your tax-payer dollars post-Kennedy years had nothing to do with this project.

Enjoy learning while you walk around with those silly white earphones. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to have breakfast and pass out for a few hours.

Eat your heart out Rummy.

Irakast 4, Liminal Radio Presents the Department of Defence as my bitch

Show: 4.0
Length: 5:43
Format: mp3
Bit rate: 128 kbs

Size: 6.5 mb

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