The guy who created the plan to destroy Iraq, will now spend the remainder of his life destroying the rest of the world.

You can't say he doesn't have the experience.

In other news, you have somebody with the IQ above 40 at the New York Times with a piece entitled, Many Iraqis Losing Hope That Politics Will Yield Real Change. Oh how could that possibly be? We Iraqis are such whiners, aren't we?

UPDATE: Norm of onegoodmove provides the video to John Stewart's show yesterday. Click the pic below to get the VID (7MB, Quicktime Required) of a segment on Wolfy the NEOcon. Thank you Norm! And Billmon with his usual ingenuity.

And here comes silly old Europe.
Why would they be hesitant about Wolfowitz' nomination?
Doesn't make any sense! He just messed up one country.

UPDATE: Stiglitz says there'll be violence if Wolfowitz is appointed to World Bank.
Violence and Wolfowitz? It's like bread and butter. Pancakes and syrup. Sushi and wasabi.


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