Something Special For My Iraqi and Near Eastern Brethren

Masqah Gate, Nineveh

I'll do a translation of this once I start feeling better. It will put a smile on the face of practically all Arabic speaking persons. But I dedicate this to Iraqis. No matter how critical I may be on this blog, I have a great hope deep inside of me for Iraq and its future. And the only reason is because of Iraqis. If it were up to me, all of Iraq would become a world heritage site. But the people living and breathing right now are its most precious assets.

Anyway the poem you may download is a joke, sure. Ahmed Isma3el, the man with a 100% Iraqi accent drops some wisdom. And it is very sarcastic. He pegs the double standard about the Iraqi/Palestinian situation being committed by Al Jazeera. Namely about 1) elections 2) Human casulties: everybody thinks elections in Palastine is OK, but in Iraq its not. Meanwhile, both countries are under occupation!
Palastinians are martars, Iraqis are not. So he has chosen this way as a protest. But I don't agree with everything he says. In fact, I don't rather much like the statement about Americans being "liberators not occupiers". But it is still funny and so true in many regards.

So, enjoy and let me know what you think.

Here is the poem.

It's about 600k in mP3 format and worth every second of the wait. Right click and 'save link as' if you want a copy for yourself!

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