Friedman is lying about meeting Hariri in the 70s: Angry Arab

This coming via Angry Arab.

Thomas Friedman, it seems, not only produces silly and superficial commentaries on world affairs, but he also produces lies. Today, he talks about meeting Hariri in Lebanon in the 1970s when Friedman was covering Lebanon as a foreign correspondent. Friedman forgot to remember that Hariri was in Saudi Arabia at the time, and did not start coming to Lebanon until after the 1982 invasion of Lebanon. And the Empire of Principle (US) is now saying this: that Syria should not interfere in Lebanese affairs, and that Lebanon should hold elections without Syrian troops. That was exactly my position on Iraq: And notice that when US officials say those words, no reporters (certainly not in the US media) point the ironies and hypocrisies of the US position.

It's a great post if you have the time to read, go for it. I forgot the dear doctor is perhaps the most famous Lebanese blogger! Doh! I will add him promptly. He gives a rich review of events...and it would behoove us all to go read his commentary. Go Angry Arab GO!


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