No War on Iran!

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Niki recently. Here is her and several others pre-emptively denouncing a war on Iran. I, alongside them, denouce such actions completely. Here is their mission statement. Raed also has some great posts on his blog about the ramifications for such insanity at the present time. And please, everybody, understand that I believe Iraq should not have been handled in such a fashion. And least of all Iran should be handled how we see Iraq is being handled. Now, North Korea has nuclear weapons...and they will not be touched. Much to the ire of the current administration, they have proven nuclear weapons are a deterrent. So, diplomacy and pressure from other methods for the freedom of Iranians and North Koreans must be the path. There is no other way my friends.


No War on Iran!: Mission Statement

The escalated public discourse about a possible military attack on Iran has alarmed many Iranians in Iran and its diaspora. As Iranians who are concerned about the implications of a war on our country, we have created this weblog to build a platform for preemptive dissent. In addition to our concerns about the fatalities of war, we are also troubled by the suppression of dissent in the U.S. and in Iran, and believe that war profoundly perpetuates civil repression.


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