Nuclear Security: Georgey's gotta prop Putin up

Since getting elected for the first time, Georgey has an air of opulent self-righteousness. But going so far as pretending to talk about democracy with Vlado is humorous. The truth is America needs Russia and Vlado has leverage on when and if he will implement real democratic reform in Russia. Once again, what wonderful theatre we've had the privilege to witness! Both of them are going in an anti-democratic direction. I argue, they need each other for PR. Sure, press freedom is worse in Russia...but after "Jeff Gannon", how much worse is it? Torture's o.k., The Patriot Act has got to stay, and recruiting in churches is the only way to get enough soldiers to save the day. I could go on and on. But if Georgey doesn't prop Putin up, the chances for a nuclear weapon getting into the hands of terrorists become greater. Can anybody say Catch-22?

Georgey pimpin' Putin? Or is it the other way around?
Even more probable, they're pimpin' each other.

Convincing one moo'lah at a time,

:) liminal


Andrew Osborn reports from Bratislava. The drift I got from the BBC was that they were all smiles. It appears as though that's not the case from Osborn's perspective. -lim.

update: Maureen Dowd goes brilliant again. A must read about the hypocrisy of Georgie telling Putin about the checks and balances of democracy.


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