5,500 US Troops flee the war in Iraq

An excerpt of Keld's post:

Approximately 5,500 US Troops have deserted, gone into hiding, sent to jail and some have escaped to Canada. What if the funnel to Iraq, called Shannon Airport, were to be transformed into a sanctuary for US Troops resisting the Iraq War by requesting asylum in Ireland? asks the Indymedia Ireland:

Damien Moran of the Dublin Catholic Worker said “We encourage members of the US Military refusing to participate in this illegal war to seek asylum in Ireland. We encourage members of the US Military landing at Shannon Airport to refuse to reboard the planes bound for Iraq.

I'm sure it's only a developing story. And I'm sure it will be squashed and squashed over and over again. These snippets of the reality developing are welcome signs. Let's spread such information around always.

Thanks Keld!


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