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The time to act in solidarity is upon us. We shall not allow our dear Lebanon fall into the abyss of violence as it once did. Let it remain a memory for some fresher than others. Let us unite and reject any form of violence as we continue to live in peace in our beloved Lebanon. So, I dedicate this blog to great Lebanon and all the beautiful Lebanese living throughout all the world in great numbers. Our fate is peace. Wouldn't you agree?

Hello! How is everybody doing? I hope better and better. It's been an emotional time.

Here is Lebanese Blogger Forum. I will start out by listing as many Lebanese blogs I can find...a la Emigre and all my fabulous brothers and sisters at Iraq Blog Count. I would like to invite all Lebanese out there that are interested in blogging to help me. Please write me an email if you'd like to participate in spreading some Lebanese Love through this blog. Also, I urge you to send me an email [ liminalsymbol[at]hotmail[dot]com ] if you have a recommendation or want me to post a picture and/or tell a story. Of course, I hope that it's all Lebanon-related. I don't know how much time I can devote to LBF, but I hope to stimulate more interest in reading Lebanese blogs. As with the situation in Iraq, it is sometimes better to get the information directly from people from the place and culture. All expats and 1st gen'rs are absolutely welcome and needed. Right on, Lebanon.

So, without further adieu, get your Lebanon-On through the voice of its people!

I hope you enjoy and join me.

Peace ;)



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