Be happy, rest, savor the victory...

I've decided to rest and be happy. We deserve to savor this moment and be rested for tomorrow. There still is much to be done. I know sometimes I tend to rain on my own parade. That's no way to live. So, tomorrow I'll begin again. I left out the sadness from Hilla today. Next to Ashoura last year, this was the largest death toll by a suicide bomber. So, some very good and some very bad today. Personally, I had an excellent day. And it's time to rest, be stupid, and watch some mindless television. My dad always says to me in that Maslawi matter-of-fact sort of way, "Your problems are going to be there when you wake up." Indeed, so now it's time to rest.

Peace to my peoples in the world,

Limmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm mmmmmmm


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