sometimes we wonder why air is so indifferent to lungs
our breath sometimes catches upon sighs azif on rungs
of ladders on stilts in skies so high
we wander and plunder our souls so nigh

because if we were to stumble from depths above
to the bottom of the sea into a coral of love
we would have no chance at survival intact
at best, our bones would be broken in bits, it's a fact

sometimes we wonder why we can't fall soft
from these skies we traverse in our minds so aloft
from the sun to the earth our bodies may break
but if one lands on the other, one body may take

whom would you let land on you?
whom would you sacrifice everything to?
when we go along we hope we may find
a person so strong that can be landed on,
and still survive!

oh but really, if i were so unbecomingly romantic
i'd put a line like "i'm in a love so frantic"
that i'd die for you and cry boo hoo
yea, sure, that's what we really want to do
yet remain alive!

so, again, when we go along we hope we may find
a person to let land on one's forgiving behind
so they'd be sure to survive in the rough reef below sight
that comprised of love until the wet dust you did bite

(3 1/2 min steam of consciousness speed poetics, you like?)


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