Avi Shlaim writes Why Zionism today is the real enemy of the Jews. Also, I must note he wrote an amazing alternative history to Israel, "The Iron Wall: Israel and the Arab World." And he's an accomplished research professor at Oxford's St. Antony College. Just because Sharon's speaking to a Palestinian president because Arafat has passed on, does not mean we're out of the thicket of violence quite yet. Although if this opportunity is taken lightly, we'll all be living in a world of regret. And there is a deep reason why I've chosen not speak about Palestine on this blog in too much detail. But it was and still is the real problem when it comes to the near-east. Any person that chooses to ignore this is simply lying to themselves. The problem with the Iraq situation is that by ignoring the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, both America and Israel have attempted to solve one problem--that being Saddam--and created about 20 other equally terrible problems as a result. Let's all hope the pandora's box is not open yet. Frankly, I would have been surprised if another moment passed and Sharon was not almost forced to meet with Abbas. It's odd how all this insanity in Iraq has led to this moment in Palestine...like punishing Babylon was a pre-requisite settling of ancient scores before a synthetic olive branch was handed over. Sometimes synthetic medicine works famously, but I'm more the fan of the organic qigong type. In many ways I can see the value of finding the balance between aryuveda/qigong and western types of medicine, though. A metaphor for the mandatory creativity that must be sought after in trying to cure the ills of society perhaps...but I could also mean this in quite literal ways because of clear knowledge propelling the pragmatism of micro-application...be it tai chi & a proper diet or ekgs & baby aspirin. So, until there is daily dedication through visible application of some sort of coexistence that may lead to peace in Palestine and Israel, I will remain skeptical.
out, lim


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