Chronicles of the Teflon President: The Secret Tapes, Vol. 178

David Kirkpatrick reports for the NY Times tomorrow.

As George W. Bush was first moving onto the national political stage, he often turned for advice to an old friend who secretly taped some of their private conversations, creating a rare record of the future president as a politician and a personality.

Read rest if you care. Bush didn't really have a friend in Wade, did he? What a mean thing to do...that aside, the tapes are public now. And so, it seems to me if any of these scandals (war and occupation in Iraq on false pretences, Robert Novak/Valerie Plame/forged Niger docs affair, condoning torture/Abu Graib, being a prick about almost every topic under the sun on some tapes a "friend" recorded, et al) were happening during a democratic presidency, there would be ultimate consequences for the standing president. For some reason, however, nobody seems to have to be held to account for a single mistake in the Bush administration. When will the bow break? [via Buzzflash]

UPDATE: Hear an excerpt of one of the tapes thanks to Norm at onegoodmove!


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