First, there is no way you could convince me that this horrific bombing was carried out by some rag-tag fundamentalist Islamic group.

I saw these terrifying images because of a comment Highlander made. And they're shocking. I tend to avoid such images. My imagination is good enough, believe me. ...similar is the fact that I cannot possibly even begin to think about seeing one of those terrible beheading videos from Iraq. No thank you. I'm not interested. I know most of what I say is against all of that...I'm just not willing to lose my lunch over such matters, you know?

So, there's no word yet from the friend that was injured in the explosion. I'll try to ask my sister about him soon. I hope he is fine, though. Otherwise...jury is still out about who did it. I came strong with an opinion when it first happened. And yea, I still hold to it, but I have more doubt. One reason is I think, "WHY would Syria do such a thing?" Besides obviously wanting to maintain economic control of Lebanon...Another thing is many people could have predicted the intense anti-Syria reaction to such an event. So, it could have been done as a political ploy by many different parties. I'm going to hold off a bit more and try to chill-out about conclusions for a bit longer. I'll come back with a more refined opinion soon. Peace, LIM


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