Reactions from Lebanon after Hariri's Assassination

These opinions are from The Daily Star story, Beirut bombing draws sorrow, fear and anger from the people

"What do all those civilians who died have to do with it? The country is collapsing for sure; those in charge in this government just want to rip each other's heads off." --Linda, 24 year old housewife

I second Linda's exact words. This is a horrific tragedy that will have serious ramifications for Lebanon. I shudder to think what will happen next.

Here are some more voices:

"This is a complete shock to me and to all of Lebanon."--Mohammed Hout, local merchant

"All of Lebanon died with Hariri." --Abdullah Shaar, 52, Palestinian/Lebanese

"It is an obvious Israeli blow to Lebanon. [The assassination] hit two birds with one stone, killing tourism in Lebanon by scaring away the tourists, and at the same time creating a political loss to the country by assassinating an elite politician like Hariri."--Issam Suleiman, 50, hairdresser

"At first I thought it was the Israelis bombing Lebanon, but after I heard of Hariri's assassination, it came to me directly that it was the Syrians. All the media has been talking about it." --Ali, medical student

"I really don't feel like talking. This is utterly disgusting. I don't care who did it, it's just disgusting. This country is definitely going into a dark tunnel.--Mohammed, 20

"They wanted to reduce his achievements, now he is reduced to nothing. They put him in a box, but he will always be alive. He will never die; we will always be faithful to his memory and his beliefs." --Mohammed Eter, doctor

"This is a total disaster for the country. He was a man of justice; a man of peace. He was the country's defense wall. Now the wall is broken, and the country's lost.--Mohammed Gholayel, local resident

"He is a Sunni and they killed him. Why are you doing this to us? What will we do now? Why don't they want us?" --Jinan Ahmad


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