The White House has ties to gay prostitution

Yes, indeed, it does. I watched the season premier of Real Time with Bill Maher last night featuring Senator Joe Biden, Tommy Thompson (outgoing Sec. of Health), and Robin Williams. Transcripts for previous shows can be found here.

Anyhow, GannonGate continued on the show with Senator Biden asking, "Why isn't every major network in the country investigating a security breach?" in reference to "Jeff Gannon" or James Guckart of GOP run Talon News (formerly GOP USA- not a news agency, mind you), hotmilitarystud.com, militaryescorts.com, and conservativeguy.com. He had a fake name and nobody in the press core or White House knew about it. That means security needs overhaul or there was collusion with somebody letting it happen in the WH.

For more information on this disturbing and under-reported scandal check out one of my posts from earlier that has links to videos showing said "Jeff Gannon". Crooks and Liars does the most exhaustive reportage on the matter in videos encoded online.

And quoting Stahl of 60 minutes, "How did he get a Secret Service clearance for his press pass at the White House?"

Maher suggested that "Gannon" or Guckart had a boyfriend in the White House. Funny show.

Of course, what's really bothersome is that "Gannon"/Guckart was essentially revealed as a part of the President's propaganda mill. It seems pretty obvious there was an "inside job" going on here. Karl? His lifestyle choices are his own business. [vid via onegoodmove]



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