This just in: Jaafari chosen as Iraq's next Prime Minister...essentially

I have no reaction. The pressure is on. Is the end of secular Iraq upon us?

Mr Jaafari is soft spoken and popular in Iraq, but an Iraqi observer wondered how effective he would be as prime minister. "So far he has been all things to all men. He was against the assault on Fallujah, but he also opposes setting a timetable for American withdrawal."
Let's see his true colors, then make a decision whether he'll be good for Iraq or not. Unfortunately, if he's not...it will be too late to change it. I am not thrilled in any way with the idea of how women will have a different position in Iraqi society because of the constitution to be written by the group that will be in this parlaiment. And I'm sure Iraqi women, especially urban Iraqi women, are not thrilled about this coming reality either.

Juan Cole has a mouthful to ponder about the possible parity in position between Chalabi and Jaafari. I agree with his sentiment that the playing up of his possible votes was some more political maneuvering by the parasite. I have the feeling some blackmailing is going on because he stole all those intelligence files...remember? I'll try to find a link. Putting him in charge of security or economy inside Iraq would be a great mistake.

Professor Cole also reports about some drama between Hilary and Jaafari. I remember when I saw Hilary and John McCain sitting in an outside studio in the Green Zone on one of thos Sunday political talk shows. It had this pastoral feel to it. Very eerie stuff. I was imagining how most Americans would perceive this interview, "Oh, it looks fine in Baghdad honey. They're sitting outside in the open. Look at that great non-partisan cooperation!"

All I can say is somebody better fix my friends HNK and Najma's school in Mosul. Are they still spending money on schools in Iraq, or have they shifted that account to security too?

The students of Iraq deserve much better than this. Don't you agree?


Update: This frightening update about Chalabi's role in the next Iraqi interim government from Jeanne at Body and Soul [via the Christian Science Monitor]
Over the weekend, SCIRI leader Abdel-Aziz Hakim met with Chalabi and offered to make him the top financial overseer in Iraq, responsible for the oil, trade, and finance ministries in exchange for him withdrawing, according to the SCIRI official.
Chalabi's assertiveness... may be rewarded with control of billions of dollars of oil revenue and trading contracts.
I have nothing to add about this scumbag who could actually be ruining Iraq's economy and embezzling even more money directly into his family's bank account thanks to this illegal war. This is or was the Pentagon's boy? Now is he Iran's boy? Or is he a double-agent? Real smooth.

How can they let him get away with this?



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