Commentary on the Lebanese situation

I will collate a list of opinions regarding the situation in Lebanon at the moment. Things are moving very quickly indeed, as Angry Arab says. It's hard to take it all in, but I'll try my best to give you several opinions to disseminate for yourself.

It'll take me a while to get this all up. I'll have a Lebanon E-culture link list up soon, too. My fractured identity is slowly rising to the surface in bits and pieces.

It might be several hours before I get this list of commentary up because I'm taking care of my beautiful neice today. ;) liminal


It's impossible, isn't it? Every time I've gotten hopeful about the situation in Lebanon, I've had to check myself for fear of influence from external parties. Now I've got to do the same with regards to internal ones. I'm really freaked out. It almost seems too good to be true in many ways. And young Lebanese who wish to feel free from the clutches of Syria need to watch their front and their back for fear of being taken for a ride.

That's right, I fear now that the sentiment and action of Lebanon's idealistic young people (including myself) will be taken advantage of by certain unsavory characters. If you visit Angry Arab, you'll get an idea of what's on my mind at the moment. His words are extremely cogent and well thought-out, but I'd like to hope there is less of a chance of us being taken advantage of...yet I haven't seen (although I'm sure there are) some young intelligent and strong leaders who are really out for a fluid national identity and for the security and peace of all Lebanese. You've got to feel on certain levels many of the personalities from the 75-90 war still operating today in Lebanese politics are pretty sketchy. They deserve a hard look. Do they have harmful agendas? Are they short-sighted power-grabbers? And of course, there are other matters to take in to hand, but I hope to get to them later.

I've had a great day with my adorable neice. Soon she'll sleep and I'll be able to get to that list I promised.

Let's see. Lebanon's future is still on a knife's edge, but this is a good development. The next step is crucial. What it will be, I don't know. But we need some fresh and clean hands in Lebanese politics today. If there's ever a time for somebody to make a move to enter the political arena in Lebanon, right now's the ripe time to do so.

My best wishes for Lebanon in this very exciting and uncertain time...
And still, I say no to violence and no to being taken advantage of by both external parties and internal old hat sectarian strife.

Peace out,


I'm having way too much fun with my neice! Ok, here goes...

  1. Juan Cole's Lebanese history cliff-notes style - a short summary (20 minutes tops)
  2. The newest addition at LBF, Mana gives you her first-hand experience at the protests in "Freedom Sqaure"
  3. Firas at Thermo-Police gives you perspective with his thoughtful words
  4. My new favorite friend in Lebanon blogger, Unfrozen Caveman Linguist with some fleshed-out posts of wisdom
  5. Ramzi is another gem of blogger with the best for Lebanon on his mind
  6. Mysterious Eve makes mind melt a mode for all that read Arabic
  7. Callipyge quotes a protester's sign on listserv, Assad bi Lubnan, arnab bil Julan. Nuff said, lol, check her out.
  8. Angry Arab is still angry...perhaps too angry for my taste these days. I believe he's putting little faith in my generation. I still love him, though. He has some important points regardless of your thinking.
  9. Roy Saad has a first-hand experience of the protests and some things to think about.
  10. Window in Lebanon for French speaking first-hand essence of the times
  11. The immutable Zounazar with Lebanese activism in a strong Arabic voice
  12. Rampurple for another patriot's view from Kuwait
  13. For more bloggers views check Lebanese Blogger Forum


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