Iraqi women live in fear, Amnesty says

According to an Amnesty International report just released, Iraqi women live in more and more fear as their rights are reduced. Welcome to the newly liberated Iraq.

Asma, a young Baghdad engineer, was shopping with relatives when she was forced into a car by six armed men. They took her to a farmhouse outside the city, raped her repeatedly and dumped her back in her neighbourhood the next day.

The incident, which took place in May, 2003, shortly after the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq ended, is now commonplace for Iraqi women, says an Amnesty International report titled "Iraq: Decades of suffering, Now women deserve better." "Women and girls in Iraq live in fear of violence as the conflict intensifies and insecurity spirals," it says.

Released yesterday, the report calls on the new Iraqi government to introduce measures that can protect women at a time of escalating crime, religious fanaticism and disorder.

I would support any possible candidate for prime minister in Iraq if they supported measures to protect women. Has any candidate even seriously brought this up? Well we know that women will be seen as half a person in the new Jaafari government in accordance to Islamic law. Sorry, but this is not moving forward for Iraqis. This is moving backwards. If they really go through with this, I'm going to puke all over this screen.

TheStar.com - Iraqi women live in fear, Amnesty says


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