Discussions and Posts about the Creepy church recruiting in Kentucky

Here I'm going to put a list devoted to the discussion that's been going on about the post causing a bit of a stir. I'll also include posts specific people have taken an effort to make about the matter. I think it will be useful. I'd like to get as many people sounding-off about this in one place.

1. Metafilter: "incredibly weird military recruitment drive/sermon/men's night out thing in a Baptist Church." One of my favorite link-aggregator sites has over 70 comments. What a treat.

2. Daily Kos: Here are all the pages associated with the story on dK. My diary (40), another, open thread, Alan S's diary

3. Jesus' General: My favorite new satire blog. There are 35 comments, but you'll have to go to the original post because they're haloscan comments. Nice.

4. The All Spin Zone: One of the cool things about this happening is that I've read a number of blogs I never would have otherwise. Here's a Koufax finalist. Go to the original post for 27 comments.

5. Robust McManlyPants has a post: God's Army.

6. Apostropher:
Triumph des Willens II

7. Syzygy has 30.

8. Spitting Image: an awesome blog.

9. Zentastic: Another great site I would have never known about probably. Charity Solutions and the Rapture

10. Killoggs: There's a link to a Rapture Ready discussion board. Yikes!

11. dunneiv: another cool blog. ah'riginal post

12. The infamous Billmon at The Whiskey Bar gets comparative. How cool...

13. Bilo Boffin's post

14. Bouillabaisse's post

15. Pourquoi Pas?'s post: What would fascist Jesus do? and its 15 comments.

16. Jesus loves dropping bombs on brown people. BB post.

17. Yay Hooray's BB exchange, many comments.

18. Yella Dog post and comments

19. Chaos Digest's post and comments: a good summary of my role, too

20. Nothing New Under The Sun - post and comments(22)

21. Bartholomew's Notes on Religion - Commentary, Comments, Related Stories***good one

22. What will the neighbors say? - Commentary(via Alabama!)

23. Digital Warfighter - Commentary/Comments

24. Liberal Street Fighter - Commentary&Posts

25. Rigorous Intuition - post and comments

26. Bene Diction Blogs On: Commentary, Comments, Related Stories: Very Good Post

I'll try to put more soon. I'm juggling a million things at the moment. Some life-changing things are going to happen soon. See you l8r!



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