What did I tell you about the Security Council?

And in the first sentence of the report from the NY Times: "The Bush administration, condemning the assassination of the former prime minister, Rafik Hariri, in Lebanon, suggested Monday that Syria was to blame and moved to get a new condemnation of Syria's domination of Lebanon at the United Nations Security Council."

This is the sign, I think. Whether or not it will lead to an invasion of Syria...well, it could. I think it could. Now, some may be surprised at my position about Lebanon. Because of my family and I's experience there it is nuanced. And because I have family from practically all angles of the conflict, it is confusing for me. One thing is clear to me, though. My family has bled and suffered for Lebanon. And we wish for Lebanese independence from Syria...for a Lebanon without Syrian influence. So, you see how difficult it is for me??? I am for Palestinian self-determination, yet...YES...I think Syria needs to remove it's troops from all Lebanese lands. (Those of you who know the situation well will understand how schizophrenic this may sound...but) GET OUT, please. Of course I know this will not happen without some either careful diplomacy or all-out war. I certainly don't want another war to break out. I have tons of family in Lebanon and we're sick from war. It's a society psychically damaged from the insanity that took place during the fighting. And the sort of fighting that went on and could go on again in Lebanon is a different breed of violence. One where a brother (and I speak literally here) kills his brother.

We must avoid such a situation at ALL COSTS. THIS IS DEAD SERIOUS MY FRIENDS. I CANNOT EXPRESS TO YOU HOW FREAKED OUT I AM RIGHT NOW. DID I ever expect it to happen like this? NO, I didn't. But here we are...

You think I had a severe case of cognitive dissonance before...oh, just wait.



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