Zarqawi in Kirkuk? WTF!

So, the still mythical character of Zarqawi (we have yet to see any hard evidence of his existence) is now in Kirkuk according to pukmedia.com?

First off, hat-tip to Kurdo.

Second, I've got family in Kirkuk. And I'm aware of the situation. And if America says Zarqawi is there and go in there and act like they are acting in Fallujah it would be like lighting a nuclear warhead with the HDX the army errantly didn't protect after opening the door to the Al Qa'Qaa complex. Iraq's fate could rest on what happens in Kirkuk in the coming months. No joke.

If the "Coalition Forces" frame Zarqawi like this, attack Kirkuk and mismanage and destroy it--along with most of Iraq--...well I pray (even though I'm agnostic) for the people involved in what could be a very terrible situation. I pray for the people dropping the bombs on Kirkuk and being killed and injured by those bombs. We get into the apocalypse-zone if Kirkuk is managed like Falloojah. Already I'm finding it difficult to comprehend and then comment about the current situation ...I will address the Kirkuk question in more detail soon.

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