Ah yes, the men with no future in Iraq that are going to bleed it as much as they can then leave...

Behaving like children with a toy that they don't want to share, the chalabis have to go screw up legal proceedings for Saddam's trial. Why the nephew was ever given any authority in the matter is beyond me. Although I think the chalabis should be behind bars or in some dungeon with Saddam, I'm glad Allawi fired Salem from the now shaky Iraqi Special Tribunal over the summer. But still with their magnanimous crook genes the chalabis will stick around and steal as much money as they can from Iraq and then take their leave. They have no future in Iraq. Sound familiar to the role of certain corporations like Halliburton? Anyway, Saddam needs to be given a piece of the Iraqi people's rage after he oppressed them for so long. Did I mention that the Lancet said that with a conservative estimate approximately 100,000+ Iraqi civilians have been killed? Also, the United Nations is holding their ground on making the trial as legitimate as possible. It's so important for reconciliation. I commend this deed. What does CPA stand for again? Can't Provide Anything...right.

The report comes at a time of some uncertainty about the fate of the Iraqi Special Tribunal (IST), the body created in December 2003 by the U.S.-led Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) to take up a range of crimes allegedly committed by the Iraqi ex-dictator, including war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.

The IST's administrator, Salem Chalabi, was summarily fired by Iraq's interim Prime Minister Ayad Allawi earlier this summer, apparently for political reasons. Allawi has called for expediting the planned trials of Hussein, who was captured last December, and some two dozen of his top aides.

In a second blow to the IST, the United Nations last month refused a request by Allawi and the administration of U.S. President George W Bush to assist the tribunal in its work.

The world body declined because defendants who are convicted by the IST could face the death penalty and because, in the view of U.N. experts who have worked on war-crimes tribunals for Yugoslavia, Rwanda and Sierra Leone, its procedures do not meet minimum international standards of justice.

The tribunal's founding statute, for example, allows for defendants' attorneys to be excluded from interrogations and even court appearances and also permits the admission of testimony obtained under coercion. HRW, as well as other independent human rights groups, have also called the tribunal ''fundamentally flawed.''

Anything having to do with the Chalabis is fundamentally flawed. When will these morons learn. BYE BYE...leave Iraq alone and go gluttonous with the money you stole from it you bastards.

Human Rights Watch, Iraq: State of the Evidence
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