Fear ruled the day and shall reign the next four years

Herb' using nice words that say...idiotic and fear-filled electorate. I don't know about you, but I'm through with this fear-mongered vista of violence. When you flood violence into society with the most sophisticated weaponry and the most sophisticated black ops (psychological warfare), of course you will be seen as the most violent nation on earth. And so, yes, America is the most violent nation on earth. It will be hard to stop the violence that Falloojah will be made to suffer soon. And if it spills into Baghdad things could easily spin out of control. That is what I fear most. Do not raze Falloojah. It is far too risky. Allawi's future rests on the success of it, if carried out. The chances are very slim that it will be successful. So, don't do it. You'll regret it. We'll all regret it. Please please please, use words not bombs.

O.K., Folks: Back to Work: "For all the talk about values that we're hearing, the president ran a campaign that appealed above all to voters' fears and prejudices."


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