Wave of Sadness Washes Over Me

I'm so wet with this wave of sadness now. I know...I know very well how sick it is that so many innocent Iraqis have been killed in the seige on Falloojah and then in the fall-out occuring all around Iraq as the violence continues to spread. But Ms. Hassan's story continues to hit me extremely hard...it almost upsets me that this is only one person, but she was so extraordinary. And this tears down so many barriers that will prohibit so much necessary help reaching Iraq and Iraqis in the foreseeable future.

I also believe once Falloojah began this time Ms. Hassan was doomed, but of course how could one say this at the time. We had to keep some hope alive. Tahsin Ali Hassan, Ms. Hassan's Iraqi husband, can be heard in the democracy now video today that's linked below. This man pleads for his wife's body to be returned. And I just couldn't handle hearing and seeing him. It makes me so distraught...I cannot, I dont know... Look, I'm a strong man, but this is becoming too much.

I've got to go. Too much is too much.


Democracy Now! | Headlines for November 17, 2004


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