U.S. should probe itself for some sense of humanity

There is another shift underway. Unfortunately, it is in the direction of pure vitriol. As expected by many, the violence injected into Falloojah has spread and continues to spread. It is not some insignificant event that this shooting inside a mosque took place. Iraqis are adding this event to the realm of Abu Ghraib as a blood-curdling pantomime of the recent-past. There will be little chance of any success as mistake after terrifying mistake, like this, takes place. Animosity is increasing with many Iraqis inside Iraq. And animosity is also increasing within myself. What can I say besides this? If I have a rage now brewing inside myself unlike any other I've ever experienced through the quality of insanity American forces continue to display with their reckless use of violence. Then what about the less fortunate Iraqi young person who has been alienated from his own wishes for freedom. We stare at the abyss. And why might I ask this? Because you will not achieve anything with this method of violence. Aren't I pointing out the obvious? Obviously, it's not that obvious to the architects of this madness.

Beyond these words, I am speechless for the moment. And don't give me the "bad-apple" bullshit.


U.S. to Probe Shooting of Wounded Iraqi


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