What mandate?

Welcome to the jungle of American plutocracy. All power rests with the republican party in the three branches of government. Run for your lives. A mandate? Yea, okay, berlusconilize the american landscape and expect nobody to have dissenting opinions when 49 percent of the people are practically mourning now. A mandate? ...to raze falloojah and have it be the beginning of the end of the American occupation. A mandate? ...to tell a woman what she has to do with her body. A mandate? ...to privitize social security and make my grandchildren pay for the war in Iraq A mandate? ...to allow Halliburtonian fraud and Abu Ghraibian torture methods to continue occuring in Iraq. A mandate? ...to tell the world to go fuck itself. That's the mandate Bush won with a one percentage point victory.

He can stick his mandate where the sun don't shine. Because there are millions of enraged and disenchanted Americans who see the lies and mismanagement of this administration. And they will not be quieted during the next four years.


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