The wicked alliance formed through fear, ignorance, and theatre

What has been endlessly fascinating to me is how this administration was elected through this twisted alliance of super wealthy (top 1%), the very wealthy (250K /year), and the "hee-haw" masses that think Bush is a farmer/cowboy in Texas.

These freaks of nature that we call our duly elected public servants will not be able to sqaure this alliance with the all-important confrontation of the Palestinian issue. If they deliberately avoid the Palestinian issue along with the Iraqi war, and try to invade other countries like Syria and Iran...we are in for a bloody four years. They are not interested in solutions.

Imagine Richard Pearl coming back to serve in his new cabinet. The project for the new american century has been given a renewed vitality.

In four years this administration has done what Bin Laden & Al Qaida could not have done for another generation or two! I shudder at what they will do with another four.

The extremists won this round. Let us hope the world can take 4 more years of ignorance, greed, fear-mongering and arrogance from these war criminals.

The New York Times > Opinion > Op-Ed Columnist: Living Poor, Voting Rich


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