Powell Believes U.S. is Losing Iraq War

He's just a four star general. I mean, get him out of the cabinet Mista Bush. He has nothing to offer since you used up all his credibility at the U.N. to justify attacking Iraq. You need new people for the American people to discredit. And who needs Iraqis to fight alongside U.S. troops. All Iraqis are terrorists anyway, right? Why are people so foolish? I mean, I can't wait until Cheney goes into Iran and signs those contracts in person with a 500kg bomb. And Syria is all but mincemeat now that we have an overwhelming mandate. Oh, and Kerry's a pussy.


sorry everybody, that was subliminal again. he's really proud of bush for being re-, well elected for the first time. i'll try and shut him up. This is what's really going on.

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Colin Powell Believes U.S. is Losing Iraq War


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