Good news? Who will their replacements be?

First off, I'll believe it when I see it. Second, if it actually does happen, who are the replacements going to be?

Trying to escape the indignation of being fired...it's semantically much gentler to 'leave for personal reasons'. Imagine Bush Inc without Ashcroft, Rumsfeld, Powell, and Ridge...as suggested in this article. Of course, Master-neoCon Paolo "the brain" Wolfowitzini, Rummy's back-up neoConster Feith, and his groomed successor neo-proto-Con Stephen Cambone should be the new jersey sludge-like material that rises to the top and takes one or two of these positions. But it will be interesting to see who their possible replacements will actually be. Perhaps Arnold will become the Secretary of Defense. How dope would such an appointment be? I'm sure by 2008 if they change the constitution that Arnold could destroy Hillary's chances to be president.

I think if people are so insistant on a two-party system in the US, they should just make it a requirement by law to have one democrat and one republican on each ticket. Then you'll have some "bipartisanship" forced down the wretched throats of politicians. Harhar...as if republicans and democrats are so much different than one another to begin with. So, with this law they will check themselves at least. Or it could serve to prove the therom that they are peas in the same pod to begin with...so that a third party will spring up out of a hole in the ground. Just an idea.

But really, I'm not that optimistic about possible replacements. There are plently of Republican assholes to spread around and terminally destroy democracy in America.

Aljazeera.Net - Bush to reshuffle cabinet


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