The coming act of razing Falloojah is the deliberate planning NOT to have elections in January. I thought American democracy was absurd. This mission is not only absurd...it is downright idiotic. It's funny to consider the role reversal comparison between the US encouraged 1999 uprising and the current uprising. Now instead of Saddam doing the razing, it is the US itself. If the violence spreads to Baghdad, it will be the beginning of the end of the occupation and this death-laced aggressively masochistic liberation America continues to sponser. I also wonder if the Iraqi forces that will be helping to raze Falloojah are mostly Shia and Kurdish. I take it they are, so this could cause more tension between Sunnah and Shia...so this seems like a deliberately orchestrated face-off for not just delaying elections, but for causing religious fragmentation. Divide and conquer in it's most classic form. A perfect counter-insurgency strategy...that will ultimately fail.


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