Snowballs or Rocks...

Which one?

And I'd like to say Happy Eid, but how can I say that when HNK makes such a poigniant post like the one linked below?

And I cannot begin to tell you how much it breaks my heart to see both her, Najma, and their family going through what they are going through in Mosul and in Iraq in general. And that's just one story. Imagine how many others have gone through this and much more. Well my family has recently been added to this list of being influenced by the chaos. And let me tell you...it does not feel good. But Iraqis will resist. Just as that small Palestinian child who had more balls than anybody like Rumsfeld or Wolfowitz or the President and Cheney for that matter. Unfortunately, in Iraq we have things other than just stones that cause much more damage. That is one reason the real war has just begun. Iraqis are resistance embodied. But we don't have depleted uranium munitions. We don't have cluster bombs and tomahawk cruise missles. We don't have stealth bombers and aircraft carriers. We don't have a lot. But Americans, and yes, I am a part of this as much as I hate it, Americans will have to quit Iraq. And us Iraqis will see self-determination. Who will we thank? Ourselves. History is merely repeating itself. The British couldn't last, nor will this American occupation. The blood that is being spilled in such an inane manner and amount by both Americans and Iraqis will have been for absolutely nothing but the attempted re-colonialization of a people that know all-to-well how this can be stopped. So, please listen to William Polk America...leave, leave Iraq...choose to leave instead of being thrown out. And do this sooner than later.

Here is HNK's post now:

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