Falloojah: April 2004 vs. Today

Allawi just gave his 'authority' to attack Falloojah. Even though things seem to have started a day before. Let the mistakes of April not be made again. Unfortunately, it's difficult to say this will be possible.

Again, see Jo Wilding's account, scroll down to April 12.[in arabic, scroll to April 27]
as well as Rahul Mahajan's "Destroying a Town in Order to 'Save' it".

Other links:

Patrick Graham of the London Observer spent a year with the resistance. Here's the 1) article in Harpers 2) radio show, the connection with dick gordon. 3) Oct 11 radio show in Seattle with Fareed Zakaria, Patrick Graham, and David Brooks 4)an article in WaPo about the article in Harpers 5) "Falluja in their sights" shows how Patrick Graham was tuned to events taking place there.

Reference for photos:
Rahul Mahajan in Falloojah April 2004


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