Stop Killing Us. You are them. I am Liminal. Hear me roar.

But it would be best to listen to Iraqis inside Iraq roar first.

I haven't felt much like blogging lately because of a number of reasons. The situation is developing so I don't want to follow certain things up until matters are conclusive with regard to my family. All I'll say now is that there is a butt-load of money involved and some unsavory characters that do not get an ounce of my sympathy. Unfortunately, the mayhem that has enveloped Iraqi cities was for-the-most-part instigated by Fallujan nightmare II or is it III now?...and added to the list of those who cannot garner a smidgin' of my ameable nature are many of the American military commander Barbarians that are destroying parts of Iraq with cluster bombs like these. I am convinced they knew this violence would spread and that they do not want elections. Iraqi elections, as I said on the Iraqi Agora a long long time ago, threatens America. The real war is just starting. And these assholes are licking their lips to purge the CIA, the State Department, and other intelligence agencies of sentient beings or people of more "moderate" views that do not agree with the way Bush Inc. are neo-conning the world into their evil plans for the region at large. For the lack of a better term...isn't that a quasi-fascist thing to do? Oh, but liberating people by ripping apart their babies bodies in a hail storm of cluster bombs isn't? So forget the quasi...to quote the sex pistols,

God save the queen [or Prez]
The fascist regime
They made you a moron
Potential H-bomb

God save the queen [or Prez]
She [He] aint no human being
There is no future
In England's [America's] dreaming

Anyway, I'd like to offer this site as something to divert your attention to while Iraq goes up in flames because of the foolish behaviour of the mayors of Baghdad, the American administration, and proxy-ruler supreme negroponte. I might put up other interesting sites that might help accomplish this tremendous feat of experiencing pleasure while knowing so much wrong is being done. But I'll see.

And when you know the world's future may be passed on to the Terminator. I say, put a tutu on him and see how he operates before changing the constitution for the expressed purpose of this. I'm all for the change, but I don't want to see Arnold as the next Reagan nightmare. (Seen on the streets of Berlin)

Other questions:

-Where is Sistani?
-Why isn't he objecting forcefully to this massacre and spreading of violence? Maybe I'm missing something, so somebody please fill me in if I'm incorrect.
-What would you do if somebody invaded your country? invaded your home? killed your grandfather? kidnapped your cousin? all in the name of liberating you from ...from what? from even more death? Because American tanks and weaponry are not leaving Iraq anytime soon. And true liberation will only come when this happens.

hasta la pasta, al-kaka la pantalone, re-electum a robot and dark human matter i'd rather put in somebody's rectum to hide from the world through rabid constipation...but not my rectum, thank you.

your meta-pocket-of-resistance,


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